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Designed for one goal. The perfect picture.

Perfect pictures. With no compromises. 
The D-CAM HD S was completely redesigned with this goal in mind. The anti-fog HD optics are handcrafted with special glass lenses that project a distortion-free image onto the HD sensor. In combination with integrated, shadow-free, lighting, this sensor captures true-color images in stunning brilliance. Use the stepless focus ring to capture every moment in crystal-clear detail at million of pixels. The result is a detailed image of the tooth and tissue structures on any tooth, in any mouth. 

D-CAM HD S made for one task: The perfect picture. 

Small vibrations. A big impact.
Just show the D-CAM HD S what you want it to record and it does the rest. No matter for right- or left handers or for the upper or lower jaw. When you touch one of the four adjustable touch segments, a short vibration indicates that the camera is ready. Lift your finger from the segment and in milliseconds the system adjusts the brightness of the LED lighting, parameterizes the high-resolution HD sensor, and captures an images of the tooth at million of pixels. The only thing you feel is just a second vibration. 
Simpy put: Touch. Bzzzz. Shot.

Aluminum and glass. A perfect duo.

Durability. Ergonomics. Balance. Function. Design.

All these aspects are clear to see in the housing of the D-CAM HD S. Starting at the tip, the precision machined aluminum housing hugs the glass-crafted HD optics like a skin. This long, narrow shape lets you reach even the most difficult spots with ease. The outer contour flows smoothly into the touch area featuring an integrated status display and the stepless focus ring. The handpiece with tapered sides is the finishing touch. They make positioning easy and keep the D-CAM HD S from rolling away by accident.
The balanced design and versatile controls guarantee the best ergonomics. It is therefore not only perfectly equipped for day-to-day use but it also handles longer treatments like a pro.

Unique users need customized devices.

How you take a picture is up to you – there are so many options. Simply use the menu to select your favorite functions and save them directly to the camera.
The D-CAM HD S then becomes your very own D-CAM HD S. The settings stay the same, even if new functions come along. You are notified when new functions are available and can use the online update to benefit from improvements and new features – even after your purchase.

Extremely tough. Easy to clean.

Hygiene through quality.
Thanks to the smooth housing without edges or grooves, you can desinfect the instrument simply by wiping it with commercially available desinfectants approved by the RKI. By avoiding plastic parts and using high-qulity aluminum, long-term use is guaranteed even with multiple cleaning every day. 
Annoying hygienic sleeves are now a thing of the past. These are not only awkward to pull on and cause additional costs and waste. They also reduce the quality of the image enormously. 

A clear image - hygienic and high-quality!

Integration? No problem!

Simple. Yet versatile.

Easy operation begins with a simple set-up: Simply connect the standard USB port and, thanks to UVC technology, the auto-detection starts and installs the D-CAM HD S completely on its own.
Whether for full integration into the existing dental office software or a simple application, we have the solution. With our smart L-CAP software, you can easily capture images, discuss them with the patient, and file them as needed. Just like that.
If you need to integrate the camera directly into the office software, our TWAIN connection comes into play. You can use it to start the D-CAM HD S comfortably from your office software, capture images, discuss them, and then save them with the patient data.

Whatever you are planning to do, we’ll make sure that all you get are perfect pictures. Quite simply and with no hassles.