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Already during my studies in dentistry I purchased X-VIEW 2.8x loupe from I.C.LERCHER and since then I have been completely satisfied. Even today I wear the same loupes as 7 years ago.
Immediately after the purchase, my dental treatment accuracy has massively improved. Due to the waterproof oculars, cleaning with lukewarm, flowing water and soap is very easy. Thus there is always a good view and the area of the eyes is hygienic and clean. I am protected from splashes and milling particles during technical work by the large lenses.

A special plus point is the LED light of the loupes, which makes an additionally relaxed working possible. No matter how the patient turns or moves, the treatment area is always perfectly illuminated. This saves time, because the treatment light does not always have to be readjusted. In the meantime, loupes have become standard in modern dentistry and surgery. Those who work without loupes will find it difficult to achieve the same accuracy and quality.

I am very satisfied with the loupe from I.C.LERCHER and always recommend them to others.

Dr. med. dent Philipp Maatz