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Is it still possible to work in dental hygiene without loupes at all?

At first, I can only answer this question for myself.

I have been working with loupes for almost 3 years and do not want to do without them anymore. The loupe enable me to adopt a more ergonomic position on the patient with more distance and still have a much better view. This is a great advantage for me as it relieves my back and neck.

In addition to the loupe, I decided to use a LED lighting, which I can no longer imagine life without. Due to the central position of the LED illumination on the loupe, I always have a perfectly illuminated and shadow-free field of view for direct and indirect work. I also use the orange filter. It is ingenious for fissure sealing, because the varnish does not harden prematurely.

When I work on patients, I always wear the loupe. Be it the periodontal status, the debridement, and yes - even with airflow I work with it. It helps me in every situation and can then be hygienically cleaned under running water.

Yes! In dental hygiene you can work without loupes. But anyone who has ever worked with one will certainly not want to do without her!

Patricia Spazierer - DH